About Sunny Valley Studio


Hi I'm Peter from Sunny Valley Studio!

Game development is not only coding but also art, sound, game design, marketing, project management and so much more. At the same code is what make the sprite in your game... come to life

I know that learning to code can be a challenge. While I was trying to code in Delphi as a kid I did not understand how to structure the code.

Still it did not stop me from creating small applications.

The same is true for games. You can create them even if you are pretty bad at coding.

That said I know on my own example (from around 2018 when I was creating my own game) that trying to create even a small project with a poorly write code base means that your main task all day is fixing bugs and maybe hitting you head against a wall why screaming "Why does the damn thing constantly breaks!?".

Since my failed project I have decided to learn all I could on writing maintainable code. The problem was that all the courses were about pure C# and Unity is a bit different especially its underlying Component based architecture.

That is why after doing countless small projects that I show on my YouTube channel I have decided to focus on helping other to learn how to write maintainable code. As I hate purely theoretical Shape - Rectangle examples I am trying to create Hands-On projects that we create together where you can clearly see how easy it is to build them up if we take a moment to refactor and to improve the code base quality behind the game that we create.

Sunny Valley Studio

is meant to be a learning community where people can help each other. To keep it going I am making those paid video courses. At the same time I put a lot of effort into making free YouTube tutorials that can be accessed by everyone for free.

Feel free to contact me at: [email protected]