Full Game Project

This is a project template of an Incremental Game created in Unity 2022.20f1. You will get access to all the CODE, Art and sound assets representing the game.

Play this game here:



Basic Incremental Game mechanics

  • Click a button to start a progress bar which upon finishing will give you Money
  • Spend Money to upgrade unlocked items (soldiers), UNLOCK new soldiers and UNLOCK managers
  • AUTOMATION - you can purchase managers that will automatically click the buttons
  • Scriptable Object used to represent STATS of each item - so that you can modify it (implemented based on this article https://www.gamedeveloper.com/design/the-math-of-idle-games-part-i)
  • UI - Buttons, Progressbar and all the scripts necessary for interaction
  • SAVE SYSTEM - a way to save and reload (when the game starts) the data
  • DATA driven project - Code is separated into UI, Visuals, Rules, Scriptable object representation of stats and DATA so that you can easily modify everything
  • Sounds on and off button


  • 3 types of soldiers with animations
  • Simple SPLINE implementation for grenade throwing
  • Sound and Visual effects for explosions (using particle system)
  • Background Music

Assets used:

Get The Project


  1. Unpack the ZIP archive intop a separate folder in the location where you want to store your project
  2. Use Unity Hub "Open" button and select the folder where you have unpacked the ZIP archive
  3. Make sure to use UNITY 2022.2.0f1 or higher
  4. Unity will recreate the LIBRARY folder which can take a few minutes (that is how I can make the file smaller)
  5. Select the "Scenes" folder in the Project tab and open "incremental game" scene there
  6. Press PLAY