Field Interaction Overview

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In this section, we are going to create our field interaction mechanic. First, we are going to begin by creating a field detection mechanic that detects if the player is close to their field and then detects the how that is in front of our player. Since our field will be grid based, what do we have that we are going to start working on our hotel which will affect our field.

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For this section I have planned it. We will create the animation, swing animation for the player and the use animation for the tool in a way that it is reusable system so that we can reuse the swing animation and to use animation for different tools from the point of view of our code. We will add a hotel that we will implement using the obstruction of our tool.

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The problem that we currently have is that the player relies on the tool, and the tool in turn relies on the player to be able to access other objects in our game. We may want to create an abstraction of our player as a, for example, interface agent of some sort so that the tool relies on the obstruction so that we can make our system more separate.

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But for now, this will have to do, and we need to create the field to take the first to allow our player to detect when we are close to our field and to detect which is the tile that we are currently selecting because our fields will be grid based in the later sections, we are going to have the crop controller that we will be able to ask to affect our field so that when we perform the action using our A hotel and we are on our field, we will affect the disk style unless there is a debris.

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If there is not a debris and the field is not ready, we are going to affected by preparing our field and we are going to save this data in the field data and we are going to use the field that render to actually perform the changes, apply the changes on our power map. But for now, we are going to focus on the field detection and on the hotel.

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We are going to start coding those two components of our system.

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