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In this video, we are going to use elements of our inventory system so that we can display its content to our player. In terms of our code, we are going to create a UI inventory controller script. This will be connected to our player. Since the player is a specific component, it will be using the events to trigger this inventory controller.

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But the inventory controller that you are a script will know about the inventory as well as about the player or about the agents type so that it can extract information and use some of the other components that those two knows about. Next, we are going to add a UI, a render. So here it is. The component will be responsible for placing item of the UI inside our UI element so that we can display all the items from our inventory in our inventory UI.

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Since our game uses keyboard input, we are also going to create some sort of item selection script that will allow us to select objects and it will be connected to the scrolling script so that we can scroll the view of our inventory when we are moving our selection to select something else. Using our keyboard keys are is the later on we are going to have also some other helpers groups like input connector or post time controller so that we can pause the time.

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But for now we are going to focus on creating the base system for our UI inventory system for displaying the inventory content.

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