Tools UI overview

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In this video, I want to add the other element, our tools back that will allow us to show which tool is currently selected and what tools do we have in our tools bag in terms of Code design we will add this tool selection, UI object or class it our code base and we do not want to connected directly to the tools back, but rather we will use the player script and some events to connect the info from the tools bag about the tool that is selected and the tools that we have and send it through the events to the tool selection UI so that we can update our UI.

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And now this will be useful because if we want to use our tools back in the setup of our agents, if our NPCs wants to have tools, bags and want to carry multiple tools, in that case, if the tools back was directly connected to the UI, you would have some strange errors or issues. But this way our player, since it is unique in terms of the UI, it has the UI.

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Our player work has to have the reference to the tool selection UI and it will connect using a custom event the tools back to the tool selection UI. Now obviously this will mean that we will have to out of this custom event our tools back clause, but it is better than rigidly connecting those two together and having this tools back non-res both for our end pieces.

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