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In this video, we're going to finally connect our crops story time progression. So when we go to sleep, our crops will either grow or willed, depending on their status in terms of our code. We already have a lot of classes ready. We will need to add a sleep interaction. If you recall our interaction logic here we have the AI interaction interface and we had the pick up interaction.

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We are going to add an extra one which will connect using the events to the time manager. Now, this time manager will progress the time and in turn it will affected the field controller, which will now have a reference to it. So today it will be able to connect its own methods to the events of the time manager.

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And basically we are going to be set creating this sleep interaction, introduce a lot of changes to the field controller and to the field render so that we can respond to the time events. So when we progress time, we are going to change the look of our crops based off their status. So obviously if the crops are not watered, they will wilt.

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If they are watered and the growth level rises. We are going to change this sprite and eventually we are going to be able to pick the item up from the crops so collected the crops. And in our case it will be current item that will be produced. Okay, let's get going.

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