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In this section, we are going to create a simple dialog system that we will right now use to give our player a message or show some feedback about what is going on in the game world. Like if we have not enough stamina to make use of our tools code wise, we will have to create something called the Dialog Controller UI.

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This script will be connecting with the player and the player will have some changes in it to support the methods that we need to have to actually show our message for our information system. So to give our player some feedback basically that our controller UI will be relying on the pause time controller and of course on the player input because we will need to accept some input from the player to progress our dialog.

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Now we are going to pass the data to it using the dialog data clause that will star the text as well as the reference to the character data. So so the data about the character with us. So who we are talking. So we are going to have a portrait and a name of the character. The dialog data will look to itself, so it will be able to reference another dialog data so that we can have a simple conversation where a character can see something else after the previous dialog.

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Now this will be a very simple system. We are not going to go into details on how to give a response, but basically it will be a great foundation for you to build a more advanced dialog system. Right now we have no one to talk to, so we are going to have a player information system script that will we use the dialog controller UI and have one dialog data as a template and we are going to show to our player the messages that we need to display.

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So for example, if you have not enough stamina to perform that action and this will be done through the player information system and because this is a specific functionality to our player, they're going to give the player the option to show a message. So any other script that gets a reference to an agent can test if the script is off type player.

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In that case, we can use the functionality of showing a message based all of the feedback that we want to give to our player. Okay, basically this is it. So let's go to our project and implement this system.

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