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In this section, we're going to create a shop scene with an NPC with whom we can interact and trigger a dialog. Later, we are going to implement a special UI that will allow us to buy items from this NPC. Codewise We are going to create a new class A responsible for triggering our dialog. This will be called NPC Dialog instruction that will implement our AI interaction interface that allowed our player to interact with objects using tools.

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In this case using the hands tool. Now it will contain the reference to our dialog controller UI and the dialog data. We're going to need to introduce state modification to the Controller UI because by default we have disabled our character portrait and the name when we are showing the information to the player. So we'll need to re-enable all of them when we have the character data provided by the dialog data, a reference.

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But this is a minor change in our dialog controller UI. Now I will not be going any further with the NPC set up and beyond showing you how we can integrate our current system so our interactions with our PCs to trigger dialog and then to trigger some specific action. But basically this is how far we are going to go with our NPC set up in this course.

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Okay, this is it. What we are going to create in this section. So let's get to our project.

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