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In this section, we are going to create a data structure for our inventory system. For now, we are only going to debug that log the content of our inventory. Later, all we are going to add some nice UI to our system. If you recall, we had the Speak Up Interaction script that allowed us to pick up object from the ground.

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We had an abstract AI interaction class or type that by default accepted an AI agent as a reference or as an argument to its methods so that we can have easier time accessing other components tied to our AI agent. Now we will add a new object of type inventory that will store all the items that we have picked up.

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We are going to be using records types, so a new type introduced in Shop eight or I think nine, and it will make our inventory building much easier since it is a specific type used for data storage. We are going to be able to add a new object to our inventory through our pick up interaction since it will have an indirect access to the inventory through the AI agent reference.

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And this is how we are going to add objects to our inventory when we interact with objects on the ground. So this is the basic idea. That's why we are parsing every the agent have easier time accessing other components in our game.

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