Pixel Art Assets - Educational License

Pixel art assets used in the course have Educational License from Jeff at https://gif-superretroworld.itch.io/

We can use them to create a course project but for commercial use you MUST download them from his webpage at https://gif-superretroworld.itch.io/ (some assets requires a paid licence)

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Before we start, there is one important topic of the licensing of the art assets that we are going to be using. Those are the super retro world assets that pixel art created by Jeff, who has granted me an educational license for the usage of his artwork for the purpose of creating educational videos and those video courses. In short, we can use those assets in our educational project where we learn how to create a farm game and we can release our free to play products on Itch.io, for example.

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But if you want to create a paid version of your game, some of those are free and some of those like this RPG requires a paid license that you need to grab by going to Jeff's each page. The link will be in the description of this video.

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