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In this section, we're going to improve our store to allow us to purchase items and tools and either add them to our inventory or send them to our toolbox inside our house. In terms of our code, we are going to add three new classes and we will have to modify one of the existing scripts. We are going to start with the store UI controller that we will be using the pre existing UI render and other UI scripts that we have already created.

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Display our content of this store. Next we are going to add the store. You add, confirm, confirm by UI and it will allow us to specify how many items of this type we want to purchase and it will display it to the player. The feedback. If we have enough money, for example, to purchase of this amount, we're going to have the store controller script that will control and actually perform the logic behind subtracting the money amount and transferring the items or adding them to the specified inventory, either to tools or to our inventory of the items that we have.

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And we are going to have to modify the UI, render one of the preexisting UI scripts because we will need to have access to the items that we are showing because we want to reuse already existing UI elements and we will need to expand them with the price tag. And to do that we will need to get access to the item through the UI render to update the price.

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This is integrated solution, but this is the easiest way to implement this additional functionality. So that's how we are going to tackle it. Okay, let's go to our project.

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