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In this section, we are going to implement a toolbox where we can store and collect our tools in terms of our code. We will create a new class called Toolbox interaction, which will allow us to interact with our toolbox. But what is more interesting is that we are going to reuse our cell Xbox controller because basically we are going to have the same kind of UI where we just want to show the inventory of our tools bag so that we can reuse basically all the functionality that is currently stored in this cell Xbox controller.

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And we are going to actually rename this class to be bit more generic and it will not be a soap box controller, but just a storage box controller that we will use for a cell book system and the toolbox system. Now, our toolbox interaction will obviously be of type interaction and it will have the access to the cell Xbox controller and the future storage Xbox controller.

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But we will also create a toolbox system, and the toolbox system will be a step, I say viable because we want to persist in the content of our toolbox. Because when we buy new tools in a store, we may want to transfer them to the tool box instead of giving them to the player, because the player has a limited number of slots for our tools.

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So the toolbox you will need to have the reference to the item database. It will also have a reference to the inventory and it will be, I say, verbal and implemented their saving system and obviously the tool interaction will trigger the cell box controller, which will show us the UI and allow us to interact with our toolbox to store and collect tools.

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Okay, let's go to our project.

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