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In this section, we are going to create a house scene where we are going to place our bed and some furniture. And later we are going to create also a transition system so that we can move between our house scene and our farm scene and vice versa. To actually finish this set up, we will need to have the same system that we are going to implement later, but for now we are going to implement the transition between our two scenes.

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Code wise, we will need to create two new scripts. This will be the scene transition manager. This will be the script that connects us to Unity's scene manager and the script will basically allow us to transition between different scenes. The next script is the scene Transition Trigger, which will be a trigger Collider that will actually react to the player walking onto the collider to activate the transition, and it will have an access to the player script because we will need to be able to decide if the player has triggered that transition as well as just log the player movement.

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While the transition commences. I believe we also have some screen transition effect that we are going to also connect to using our screen transition manager. I haven't marked of this connection here, but basically we are not going to write a lot of scripts because right now all we need to have is a transition between different scenes still. At the same time, the scene transition manager is separate because right now we are not going to be able to save any data.

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So for example, our the tools that are selected, they will not persist. The time manager will not process the time setting or the calendar because we are basically deleting the data from the previous scene and going to the next one. So before this properly works, we will need to create a save system that we are going to tackle later in our later section.

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But for now we are going to create a new scene, a house scene, and implement this scene transition logic that will allow our player to move between different scenes. Okay, let's go to our project.

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