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In this section, we are going to prepare our seed placement logic on the prepared field styles so that later we can grow those into crops as it can be harvested. In terms of our recoded design, we will add a new tool called Seed placing tool that will basically be any seeds of any crop that we want to place on our field.

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So this will be a reusable tool and we are going to use this to place seeds on the prepared field styles. So to prepare the field and later on be able to grow those crops all connected with the field, the controller and the field detectors so that we can detect if there are valid prepared still styles in France or in the area of if fact of the stall.

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And then we are going to inform the field controller that we want to place those crops or those seeds in those spaces. And then it will call the fields renderer so that we can show those and actually save the data about that. We have placed crops on those field styles. We are also going to actually added the field data because I think we headed for a while on our diagram.

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We are going to actually attached our code base so that we saw all the data inside this field, a data class, and later on we can easily retrieve it or save it because we have it all in one place instead of having it split between the fields. Render and field controller. Okay, let's get going.

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