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In this section, we're going to create a main menu for our game and we are going to add two bottles either to start a new game and reset all the save the data or to continue from our save the data and load it to our game end loaded this save the scene in terms of the code, we will need to create a new script called the main menu that will control what happens when we click each button that we are planning to add in our new scene.

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That will be our main menu. Now, this main menu will need to use the Save manager and the scene transition effect and the scene transition manager. To actually perform the transition is to either keep or delete the save file using the Save manager. Now to make it all the work, we will need to modify the Save manager and save transitions.

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Spawn error in such a way that we can have access to the data and we can either deleted or we can restart to correct the data. The scene transition is spawning. It will be modified at the end when I will be showing you how we can save the different scene names so that we can load the player in a specific scene, not only inside our house, but basically there will be not a lot of coding, but we are going to make sure that we know how to load and save data while we want to exit and enter our game.

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Not only between our scenes. Okay, let's go to our project.

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