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In this section, we are going to create the logic to remove our seed placing tool whenever its quantity, which is zero, so we can have no more seeds to place. In terms of our CUDA design, we are going to have one change that the tools bag will now reuse the inventory class to start at tools instead of using the generic list to do that.

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And this will be useful when we want to save our data about the inventory of about our tools Bag. So that's why we need to do this. Refactoring the tools back is still connected to the you are using the player. The player connects those two together using an event. So we are going to just updated the code to send it to count or quantity of the sees and this sees itself.

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The tool will now be connected to the or inherit from the AI quantity interface so that we can more easily store the number of keys inside of the tools bag so that we know how much do we have still. And we are going to be removing this from our tools bag whenever the quantity falls below or to zero.

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Okay, this basically. So let's get going.

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