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To make our scrubs grow, we will need to have some endgame time progression system. And that's exactly what we are going to create in this section. We will add a class called Time Manager that will give us a game relative time and date. We will be using custom game calendar class that will star and define how many months each year has and how many days each month has, so that we have an easier time storing all this data and controlling the time flow.

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Many scripts, including the field controller, will now reference this time manager and will respond to the event sends by it. So if we progress time and move to the next day, our field controller will be able to respond. With crops growing or wilting based on their status to show the player what is the time and date, we are going to create a player calendar, UI object and some UI elements on the screen.

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Now we are going to focus in this section on setting up the time system before we connected Star a field controller. So last thing that I want to implement is the pause time controller. Oh, a script able object will be able to control the time flow in game. So the time skill basically. And we will need to have it because it is pretty easy to create a bug and it is very hard to fix a bug related to time.

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When we stop the time when we restart the time. So we need to have one place where we modify this so that we have easier time debugging our code in case of a bug. Okay, let's get going.

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